A VERY Busy 2013 so far…. phew!

Just a quick note to say that Mobile Monday South Africa is still all alive and well, the past 4 months have sped away and I am sure like us you have been struggling to keep up with the INSANE pace that the mobile industry is currently moving!

The MNO’s are moving at a blistering pace with their price wars, LTE rollouts and mobile payment plays; the banks are fighting over who’s app is cooler; we have seen at least 2 new revolutionary devices enter the market this year already in BlackBerry’s Z10 and Samsung’s S4 and loads of movement in the IM space in SA in the form of a new player WeChat entering the market from China!

So all in all soo much happening and as you know we run Mobile Monday South Africa as volunteers so it has been challenging to run our “day jobs” and drive the cause of Mobile Monday South Africa at the same time!

Anyways enough excuses and onto whats coming up next, we are currently negotiating with a few sponsors to sponsor events in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban in the next 2 months so you WILL see a MoMo event in your city soon, watch your Inbox and our website at www.mobilemonday.org.za.

Also check us out at 2 conferences coming up in May and June these being the ITWeb Mobility Summit 2013 in May and Digital Services Africa in June! We also have 2 exciting new partnerships with 2 awesome mobile industry bodies which we will be announcing soon so watch this space

BTW if you are keen in sponsoring an event please drop us an email on info@mobilemonday.org.za –  remember that we are looking for sponsors who DONT want to do a “product push”, we want sponsors who want to help us bring the community together to talk about a specific theme, this theme can be aligned to your product/service – people WILL talk about your product/service before, during and after a MoMo event!

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