MoMo Joburg – 18th Febuary @ 6PM

Welcome to 2013! This will surely be another year of innovation in the mobile industry, so to celebrate and showcase what is to come we have lined up some innovative mobile companies/services/products which will be showcased for you at our event on the 18th February at 6PM!

We are lucky enough to have as our keynote speaker Yolande van Wyk the CEO of eWallet Solutions at FNB, she is at the forefront of innovative mobile solutions and a self-confessed technophile and geek!
We will have other speakers and start-up/SME companies showcasing ( showing off ) their innovative mobile products/services in our demo room.

We hope to see you at this 2013 kickoff event where you will be able to connect with colleagues, new contacts and industry experts to start the year off on an inspirational and exciting note!


BTW in the spirit of MoMo, if you have an innovative mobile product/service that you would like to showcase with a 2 minute pitch and further show off in the demo room then let us know by emailing and we will contact you with more details if you qualify!

FYI – Get a free copy of the Developer Economics 2013 report – the de-facto report on developer tools and the new app economy –

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